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Taste of Annandale

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Taste of Annandale

The Taste of Annandale is a project of the Annandale-Mason Roundtable., a group of stakeholders from local businesses and nonprofits.

Members of the Taste of Annandale Planning Committee include Bob Kahane (chair) of the  Annandale Rotary Club; Ellie Ashford, editor of the Annandale Blog; the Fairfax County Police Department; Peter Huyn, owner of the Spinal Health Group; and Annandale businessman Steve Lee.

Proceeds from the Taste of Annandale support the Re-Imagining Community initiative, in which high school students use art and poetry for community engagement. This program is a partnership of the Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, Mason District Police Station, and the George Mason University School of Art.

STARPICK was in charge of Korean culture event and introduced K-culture, K-food.